Art is what has always driven me in life whether it is through paint, pencil, or carving my skis through snow. My first memories of drawing were with a bamboo brush and ink that a close family friend shared with me. Since then my mediums range from acrylics, watercolor, pen, pencil, spray paint, and digital painting. I want my art to pull a viewer in from afar with its contrast, and hold the viewers attention as they come closer and get lost in the details. I want my digital designs to be clean, bold, and have a unique freehand feel. The outdoors have always played a 

large part in my life and continuously appear in my art. The human face always intrigues me, no two are the same, yet a new face can bring back so many memories of someone from the past. I enjoy painting in a large format mural style down to smaller pen and ink drawing. Contact me through here for custom designs, prints, or commissioned art and check out my Instagram @earljam82 for more examples of my work.